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Birthdate:May 18
Veena: Momma (black)

1. Mayhem (grey) Part goblin, Likes eating anything
2. Trouble (black) Likes stealing things
3. Mischief (black) Likes appearing in cups.
4. Squirt (black) Runt Likes appearing in things, like the inside of the fridge.
5. Fuzzy (black, girl) Likes water and swimming.
6. Brat (black) Likes boobs.

Veena is a perfectly ordinary cat except for one thing: she can teleport. There is no scientific explanation as to how she can do it. No known magical wards have been able to keep her (or her kittens) in or out of anything. It's theorized that they access some sort of shadow space or in between. The going theory is that Veena is a fairy cat that somehow got out of fairy, however she has no problems with iron like most fey creatures.

Her kittens have inherited her abilities to teleport with the same restrictions. They've got their own particular quirks which are noted up above.

Of note particular note is Mayhem, the only grey kitten in the lot. He is part goblin. This means that he has two sets of shark like teeth. It also means that he can eat anything. Yes. Anything. That too. It doesn't hurt him. He can even eat poison without harm. Mayhem will even enjoy it. He's also as dumb as a very loving rock.

Momma cat in theory belongs to Trever Daly [personal profile] reincarnshaman and he can usually be found in the vicinity somewhere near them.
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